Toughened Tempered Glass New Zealand

Toughened or Tempered Glass increases the strength and resistance of glass by up to five times. This is done through a rigorous process which involves heating the glass to 650ºC and then rapidly cooling the surface. This results in extremely high compression stress on the glass surface, and high tensile stress in it's centre. This additional stress inside the glass, leaves the physical characteristics unchanged, however greatly increases thermal and mechanical strength.

Tempered Glass is be easily recognised in its broken state, as the glass panes are broken down into small, brittle and much less harmful pieces. This means risk of injury is significantly reduced and the reason why tempered glass is becoming the industry standard for countless residential and commercial applications. Toughened Glass can be used all around the home and office and we can easily install glass for the following:

• Glass Stairwell Panes
• Glass Windows
• Shower Glass
• Glass Pool Fences
• Balcony or Landing Balustrading
• Glass Sliding Doors
• Office or Workspace Partitioning

Emergency Glass service the entirety of Auckland and New Zealand, usually offering same-day turnaround for quotes on many types of tempered glass repair or installations.