Residential Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirrors - Residential

Mirrors have the ability to naturally open up any room in your home - bringing a level of ambience, light and space into them. Positioned correctly, mirrors can help make the smallest room feel much larger, bringing in new life.

We specialise in custom, made-to-fit mirrors across New Zealand. Emergency Glass are responsible for both mirror design, manufacturing and professional installation, using only the highest-quality materials.

Custom Mirrors for any Room in Your Home

We supply a large variety of mirrors including framed, frameless, sandblasted and bevelled options. We can bring any of your custom mirror designs to life, at an affordable price and quick turnaround.

We can cut mirrors to any size or shape, and help find the perfect solution to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom or hallway. So if you’re after full-length mirrors, free standing mirrors, or any other made-to-size varieties, reach out to us today. Also feel free to send through any ideas or design requirements you have. Our custom mirror solutions are perfect for residential applications however we also perform large-scale custom mirrors for commercial applications (link to commercial mirrors here).