Commercial Glass Repairs

General Glass Repairs - Commercial

When something goes wrong with your business, we understand the need for a prompt turnaround to get you up and running again. Emergency Glass have been working hand in hand with exceptional builders, property and business managers, establishing a professional reputation second to none. We have extensive experience in a broad range of glass repair and replacement services and specialise in commercial installations of all sizes.

All Sectors across New Zealand

We are fully compliant with industry standards in workspaces of all types and can provide glass safety audits on request. We have years of experience in the following commercial sectors:
• Shop front glass repair and replacement
• High rise glass replacement
• Balcony ballustrading
• Door maintenance repairs
• Display cases
• Mirrors
• Frameless Glass Repairs

Our Glass Technologies

Safety Laminated Glass

Our security laminated glass is built to withstand blows from large, heavy objects. Laminated glass is composed of a strong, laminated interlayer that will continue to act as a barrier after the glass has been broken. The interlayer lamination consists of a special resin, providing additional strength and resistance against the typical brittle fracture you would see when a glass pane is broken. This helps in preventing intruders, vandals or burglars entry to your premises. It increases the safety of yourself, your family or your customers, because the safety glass has a significantly greater resistance to accidental impacts or falls. The laminate interlayer also acts as a sound barrier, giving the client sound reduction qualities when installed.

Toughened Glass

Toughened or Tempered Glass increases the strength and resistance of glass by up to five times. This is done through a rigorous process which involves heating the glass to 650ºC and then rapidly cooling the surface. This results in extremely high compression stress on the glass surface, and high tensile stress in it's centre. This additional stress inside the glass, leaves the physical characteristics unchanged, however greatly increases thermal and mechanical strength.
Tempered Glass can be easily recognised by its broken state, as the glass panes are broken down into small and brittle pieces. This means risk of injury is significantly reduced. It is the reason why tempered glass has become the industry standard for many commercial applications. Toughened Glass can be used around the office or workplace.

Double Glazing Repairs

Double glazed windows work by combining multiple panes of glass, leaving a small pocket of air in between. This pocket then adds as sound and heat insulation, helping to reduce noise in the office and also save on your electricity bills. Although we don’t install new double glazed units we can perform repairs or replace broken units.

So if you’re looking for any type of commercial glass - whether it be a small office partitioning job or full scale high-rise project, call us for a free quote today.